A Little Cowboy Music

Dave Stamey and Trinity Seely CdeP 1999 play for Thacher.
Last Friday night the Thacher and Ojai communities were treated to a night of good ol' cowboy entertainment. Trinity (Sudweeks) Seely CdeP 1999, joined forces with Dave Stamey, a longtime cowboy singer/songwriter, on the stage of the Milligan Center. They sang songs that rang true with the hard-working, ranch-valued members of the crowd. Some crowd favorites include Stamey's Buckaroo Man and The Vaquero Song and Seely's Strawberry Roan and Cricket Roll. The special treat at the end of the evening was a duo with Seely and her poet friend who combined her song Time Machine with his poem Memories to great effect. It's safe to say that all left that night with vaquero dreams in their heads.

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