Afternoon Program

The Afternoon Program at Thacher means no student is ever without an extracurricular activity.

Each fall, winter, and spring, students choose a new post-class pursuit, whether it’s an existing passion or a new undertaking. We’re big on the benefits and satisfaction of getting outside and living an active lifestyle; students are involved in physical and athletic pursuits some, if not all, of their time in the Afternoon Program.

The Afternoon Program is a required commitment and we strive to offer something for everyone, in addition to giving juniors and seniors the flexibility to create their own Independent Project in the afternoon. Our athletics department offers a wide range of traditional sports, including but not limited to tennis, football, volleyball, track and field, soccer, baseball, and football. Varsity, JV and third teams are offered, providing the right level of challenge for every athlete. Students are committed to the Horse Program in the afternoons all of their freshmen year; many go on to develop their horsemanship in the arena, on the gymkhana field, or on the trails for many additional seasons. Additionally, unique offerings like rock climbing, kayaking, dance, yoga, and community service round out the program.

Another benefit? Most teachers are also coaches, mentors, and leaders in these activities, meaning its one more way that the relationships tying our community together are strengthened.