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  • Annika St. George

    Favorite Thacher tradition:
    My favorite Thacher tradition are Extra-Day Trips, or EDTs. The ability to embark on week-long trips twice a year is extraordinary and something I hold close to my heart. EDTs provide students with a chance to get out into nature while also creating long-lasting friendships with students and faculty who you otherwise might not spend a lot of time with. 
    Favorite afternoon activity:
    My favorite sport is track and field. Spring in Ojai is such a lovely time of year and being able to spend it outside running makes it even better. The track team is very supportive and welcomes all interests in the sport, whether that means only wanting to get fit or competing at a high level. Being in Southern California is ideal for track because we are able to practice outside almost every day, and the competition is very strong, helping to push you to be better than you thought you could be.  
    Living and studying at Thacher:
    As a faculty kid, I live on campus but with my family. This adds up for a mixture of day-student and boarding-student life. Living in close proximity to the faculty members is a fantastic advantage. On nights when I need extra help on homework or a project, teachers are always willing to offer support (as long as it's at a reasonable time). This adds to the overall Thacher experience that so few high schools offer.
    Advice for a student considering boarding school:
    Do it, take that leap of faith! Boarding school is such a fantastic opportunity that will help you grow as a person and as a student in ways day schools cannot provide.