List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • My primary roles at Thacher

    I teach environmental science, direct the Outdoor Program, and coach rock climbing.
  • I knew I wanted to work at Thacher when

    I attended Thacher as a student! I admired and looked up to my teachers and thought there was not a more honorable or noble profession. I also admired how my teachers seemed to be committed to learning themselves.
  • What my students call me

    Not sure!
  • Favorite Thacher teaching moment

    When my students teach me something.
  • Favorite job perk

    Working with young people and living in the Los Padres National Forest.
  • Since you asked me to brag, here are the professional accomplishments I'm most proud of

    I am proud of the meaningful work I do at Thacher.
  • When not in the classroom I can be found

    On the trails, climbing rocks, playing with [my daughters] Addie and Daisy, admiring my wife's remarkable sense of humor.
  • Most memorable Thacher camping trip

    Wow. There have been so many. Climbing, backpacking, and riding mountain bikes. It seems as if my most recent is my most favorite.
  • Favorite place at Thacher

    The top of Y-Crack Crag and any trail on campus.
  • Favorite place on earth

    Wherever Blossom, Addie, and Daisy are. The mountains and ocean are second.
  • The book, movie, work of art, or piece of music I cannot imagine life without

    Bob Dylan's Don't Think Twice.
  • What I wanted to be when I grew up (when I was 10)

    A mountain man!
  • What I want to be when I grow up (now)

    A teacher, father, and husband.