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  • Bryan Yoo

    Favorite Thacher tradition:
    Out of all the great traditions at Thacher, I would have to say Open House is my favorite. Open House is when the head of school opens up her house to the whole Thacher community—students, faculty, and families. It's a popular event on the weekends, where students mainly come to socialize. There is always an abundance of food, games, movies, and more, along with special events or celebrations that makes Open House different every week. For example, one of my personal favorites is the karaoke machine. It allows me to step out of my comfort zone to sing with my friends in front of a whole crowd. In general, it's such a pleasant and unique tradition. You definitely can’t find this tradition at another school.     
    Favorite class:
    My freshman year math class with one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Hattori. Before Thacher, I used to excel at math but found it to be plain. However, that all changed at Thacher. This class was different; it was the first time I was taught a deeper understanding of math. I enjoyed the challenges I felt while looking at math through a different lens. From my teacher’s various lessons there were moments where the class would be intrigued and pushed to find more information about an idea. The creative projects he had us work on made math more interactive and enjoyable.
    Advice for a student considering boarding school: 
    It’s an amazing experience. At first it may seem different than what you’re used to, but in a short time you’ll adapt easily and feel comfortable enough to call it home. Living in a dorm allows you to be a part of almost everything that goes on in the Thacher community. If you’re worried about losing your connections to family and friends from back home, don’t worry. Thacher students are still able to have that connection; breaks are the best time to visit family and friends. In the couple of years I have known my Thacher friends, it feels as if I've known them far more than I do my other friends from back home. The sense of community here is strong and will surely provide comfort for you.
    What I’ll miss most: 
    I will miss every part of Thacher. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will always be grateful for. This school has been vital and essential to shaping my teenage years to adulthood. The community is rare and unique.