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  • Charlotte Kelliher

    Advice for a student considering Thacher:
    Keep an open mind. Thacher offers a lot of unique experiences that might be completely new to anyone looking at the School. With an open mind, you can definitely change your perspective and come to love something that you never thought you would have any interest in. 
    Favorite Thacher tradition:
    My favorite Thacher tradition is Gymkhana. All of the riders are divided into three teams to compete in barrel and pole racing and other riding events. We compete throughout the spring, and in May, we have a final Big Gymkhana where most of the student body and many families come to support the riders. I love Gymkhana because you get really close to the rest of your team and come to know people outside of your grade who are riding with you. It’s also such a unique Thacher experience. that you’re never going to have anywhere else. 
    Favorite class:
    In the spring of my sophomore year, I took PacRim, an international relations course. In this class, we studied issues that were having an impact on U.S. relations with countries in Eastern Asia. We then wrote memos that covered future actions that the U.S. could take to resolve a particular issue. This class was really interesting because we were able to study topics that are extremely relevant today. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of these current events by studying them in great detail while also looking at what steps the U.S. would need to take to maintain its relationships with foreign countries.
    Other thoughts:
    The people you will meet at Thacher are truly unlike anywhere else. The relationships I have built with my classmates and the faculty on campus are irreplaceable. I think that the people are what really defines Thacher and sets it apart from anywhere else.