Advising System

At Thacher, teachers aren’t just teachers—they’re also coaches, formal dinner hosts, backpacking expedition leaders, riding instructors, dorm heads, fellow community members, and advisors.

It’s part of the relationship-based education model that’s been the bedrock of the School since its founding.

As an advisor, faculty members are there to offer guidance and advice on everything from choosing the right course load to deciding which mix of extracurriculars is best for the student’s schedule. Every year at Thacher means a new advisorand a new chance to build a lasting relationship with a trusted mentor.

Advisors, who generally have a small group of about five to six charges a year, are also the key link between parents and the School, writing letters home twice a year outlining challenges faced, progress made, and triumphs in class or on the field. They’re also quick to phone or email home with concerns or good news.


“My advisor never fails to offer a wise piece of advice or a reason to smile during our weekly check-ins. Its great knowing you have such positive forces, like her, behind you.”

Covina, California