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  • Else Nye

    Favorite Thacher tradition:
    My favorite Thacher tradition is probably the games on New Field we play to kick the year off. There's a big grill-out on the grass while everyone catches up and then we break into groups and learn the names of new freshman through fun activities. It's a great way to meet people from other grades and I remember feeling so excited about the community I was joining despite my first-day nerves.
    Favorite class:
    My favorite class is probably Foreign Policy in the Pacific Rim, a trimester-long history class taught by Dr. DelVecchio. We wrote formal memos and looked into the complex relationship between the U.S. and countries in the region and although it was challenging, I enjoyed every day of it. Dr. DelVecchio is an incredible teacher and engaging speaker and my writing definitely improved. The class also helped me discover my passion for international relations and politics, an interest I have since pursued intensely. Thanks, Doc D!
    Favorite afternoon activity:
    My favorite afternoon activity is probably going on trail runs or hikes with my friends. While I love sports at Thacher and all other activities offered, free time in such a beautiful place is amazing. It truly is a gorgeous school location—taking advantage of the mountains and trail networks and the surrounding environment is vital!
    Thacher’s influence on me:
    Thacher has helped me explore different passions and broaden my expectations for the future. At Thacher, I don't feel like I have to have "a thing," or one particular area where I excel considerably. I can work hard and enjoy a bunch of different passions, which has definitely allowed me to expand my interests from humanities to sciences and try new sports and activities that I might have formerly regarded as "just not my thing." I think Thacher has also made me more ambitious, because I've gotten genuinely enthusiastic about topics in school and have wanted to dive deeper into them.