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  • Eva Spalding

    Advice for a student considering Thacher:
    Ask yourself whether Thacher’s mission truly excites you. I think one of Thacher’s most fundamental aspects is the enthusiasm and excitement everyone in the community brings to everything they do. Thacher is a place that puts you in uncomfortable situations in order to learn, so before coming here, ask yourself whether you are excited to be pushed out of your comfort zone and challenged. Also ask yourself about the level of passion and excitement you can bring to the community, because I feel that what Thacher looks for in a student is someone who can have a good attitude and an open mind through life’s challenges. 
    Favorite class:
    My favorite Thacher class so far is definitely the Wood Design class I took my sophomore year. I had the most amazing experience because it pushed me to think creatively and develop skills that I had never even conceived before. The small class size ensured that all the students received really personal and individualized attention from our teachers, both of whom are incredible and supported me immensely while also teaching me to be independent. I feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to take this class, because it challenged me on so many levels, but also proved to be my most rewarding class. If you come to Thacher, it is definitely my number one recommendation of classes to try out!
    Favorite afternoon activity:
    My favorite activity is probably everything to do with the Horse Program, because it encompasses so many different things. Learning how to ride a horse taught me so many important skills that I still use today, for example the importance of patience and perseverance, but it also helped me develop a strong connection with my horse that I still cherish. The Horse Program goes beyond just riding—it entails learning how to take full responsibility of something other than yourself, which helped me grow so much as a person and I grew to love the challenge. It also was an amazing opportunity to bond with my grade and the School as a whole, because it is a tradition that every student goes through.
    Other thoughts:
    I think what truly makes Thacher so special are the connections you are able to form with everyone in the community. These four years have definitely proven to be the most transformative in my life so far, and I think that is because of how much I learned from everyone around me. Everyone brings something unique to the table, and the support and love I have received from everyone here is amazing.