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  • John Geyer

    Advice for a student considering Thacher:
    Throw yourself into new situations—tackling new projects like taking care of a horse, meeting new friends, and coming to Thacher as a whole—is daunting at face value, and you'll only get as much out of school life as you put in, so go for it! Thacher has such an inherently welcoming community, giving you all the materials you need to push your limits and try new things you never thought you'd do before.
    Favorite class:
    I had the opportunity to take a one-on-one computer science/robotics course my junior year, a class which went at my own pace and allowed me to truly dive into the subject with my teacher, someone who I formed an amazing bond with throughout. 
    Favorite afternoon activity:
    Thacher has a unique Independent Program which allows upperclassmen to substitute a sports season for a specific project of our choosing, one where we work with a mentor to develop an existing skill/hobby. In the fall of my junior year, I worked on my improvisation on the piano during the afternoons, not only honing my musical skills but also doing something I love amid my busy academic life.
    Thacher’s influence on me:
    Thacher extends so far beyond the classroom, shaping you as a person and allowing you to find what you love. My years here have allowed me to branch out, as I've tried so many new things I never would've done in a different environment, for example biking, horseback riding, and backpacking.