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  • Jose Carpio

    Jose Carpio

    Favorite Thacher tradition:
    I absolutely love Gymkhana season! The whole school cheers and screams when their respective team is called out during Assembly. For a whole trimester, all riders prepare daily for race day and participate in extra races which include corralling cows, roping, relay races, horseball, and more. Every race day is very fun and competitive, since the lead can change in a day. Also, Formal Dinner is a nice pocket in the day to take a second to relax and converse with peers and teachers who you may not interact with consistently. Two to three people from each grade are at each table. The seating arrangement changes every two weeks so that we can get to know more people; it's pretty neat.
    Favorite class:
    Photography is my favorite. From editing photos, to watching documentaries about photographers, to taking pictures all over campus, I had a really fun time in my photography class. I never considered myself an artistic person, but I enjoyed spending hours at a time editing or printing pictures for fun. We were given assignments that always had us shooting outside the classroom, like at the barns, Commons, Upper Field, the Observatory, and even the beach. I loved the class so much that I bought my own camera, and now I bring it with me to school events and games.
    Living and studying at Thacher:
    Throughout the years, I have found that I work and study best in groups, which is perfect since we live on campus. It can be as simple as asking my dormmates a question after check-in or arranging a group meeting during Study Hall. I also benefit from teaching others, so when others come to me for help, I am always happy to help however I can.
    The most impactful person:
    Coming into Thacher, I was not exposed to the level of rigor seen here. My writing suffered the most, so my history teacher, Dr. DelVecchio, reached out to me and offered me extra support. She would invite me to her house to plan out each of my essays and improved my way of approaching writing. Dr. DelVecchio helped my transition tremendously, and because of her help, I enjoy writing and do well on my assignments.