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  • Mike Sanderson

    Favorite Thacher tradition:
    The All-School Games are my favorite tradition, because they always serve as an awesome way to bring the community together before the school year. When I was a new sophomore, the games were a great way for me to meet people from all grades and feel more comfortable at Thacher. Also, the senior jokes never fail to amuse.
    Favorite class:
    My favorite class at Thacher has been Ms. Popa’s junior English class. The seminar setting promotes conversation amongst the class and makes for an engaging environment. The last class of the year is indicative of the students’ love of Ms. Popa, as half of the class was crying. All of us would take the course again if we could. 
    Favorite afternoon activity:
    Lacrosse is my favorite sport at Thacher because of the team and the beautiful backdrop for our games. The Upper Field is a flawless grass field and the sunset over the Ojai Valley is a phenomenal sight behind our bench. This spring, we played in front of the whole School against our rival school, (who we beat) while a barbecue dinner was served on the track. It was an awesome experience.
    Living and studying at Thacher:
    I love that the conversations can extend past the classroom. My freshman year, I attended a large public school where my classes had up to 45 students. I oftentimes felt as though I wasn’t given enough time to speak. At Thacher, many topics spark lively debates in the classroom, and I love that these discussions continue amongst the students during lunch and in the dorm.