Anacapa Scholar: Virginia Invernizzi

The former resident director at SYA Spain spent the fall at Thacher teaching Latin American literature.
All year long, the campus welcomes visiting scholars, artists in residence, and other guests who share their special expertise. Some become members of the campus community for extended periods of time, others are here only briefly to deliver lectures or meet with students.

During the fall trimester, we welcomed Virginia Invernizzi, an exceptional educator who has taught at Mount Holyoke College and Deerfield Academy and most recently served as the resident director at SYA Spain. Dr. Invernizzi grew up in Uruguay and Washington, D.C. and later earned her BA and PhD at the University of Virginia.

What she did on campus:
Dr. Invernizzi taught Spanish VI-Latin American Literature, rode with the Horse Program almost every afternoon, became involved with the ceramics studio, and threw herself into community life during her three months on campus.

Her impressions of Thacher:
I had heard Thacher was unique in many ways, and I was lucky enough to experience that uniqueness in the fall. The students stand out for their welcoming attitude, for the hellos that they share every time they pass by on the walks. They also stand out for the happiness that seems to emanate from the campus at large. Yet besides all this, the kindness and the joy, they also stand out for their desire to learn and prepare themselves for the world that awaits them.  The teachers form the most welcoming community of educators I have ever come across. I am in awe of the Thacher community: the students, teachers, and staff. This is an extraordinary place.” —Virginia Invernizzi

Our impressions of her:
“Prof Invernizzi was the kind of teacher who gave us poems, stories, and readings that would have seemed uninteresting, but then would dive into them in class with such a zealous reverence for the authors and their work that the other students and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the material, too. Her methods were innovative, filled with many new challenges we had never seen before. But, as she promised at the beginning of the year, she taught us how to think, how to write, but most importantly, how to unabashedly give our all in the creative process.” —Ethan Kallett ’18

“I was so very excited that Virginia Invernizzi was able to come to Thacher for the fall trimester as an Anacapa Scholar. I met Virginia while teaching in Spain on my sabbatical and thought that she would love it at Thacher.  Virginia is a fabulous teacher who is very world-wise and I thought that she would be a great fit for the School. Additionally, Thacher was a great fit for Dr. Invernizzi. She loved the friendliness and openness of the community, she loved the beautiful surroundings, and she loved getting to ride and reconnect with horses.” —Theana Snyder, math teacher

“Virginia threw herself into Thacher life—engaging in all we have to offer. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and expertise benefitted us all.” —Molly Perry, chair of the Language Department

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