The Senior Exhibition Program

Curiosity, passion, self-directed learning—they’re what define the Senior Exhibition program and make it such a seminal educational experience.

Every senior at Thacher tackles this exciting intellectual challenge, choosing a focus area, honing in on a thesis, and conducting research over several months to prepare for a major presentation of their work in front of students, faculty, family and friends.

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  • Research

    It starts with a question. How can we both enjoy and conserve a particular ecosystem? What is the lasting legacy of my favorite artist? From there, students dig into a phase of extensive research, collecting the data and information they need to formulate, and back up, their thesis. More than just collecting facts, students apply thoughtful and well-reasoned analysis to their work. One-on-one sessions with an advisor throughout the process give students the opportunity to get advice and discuss ideas as they go along.
  • Presentation

    In April, seniors are busy polishing up their projects and working with their exhibition coaches to get their presentation just right. During one busy weekend, the Thacher community attends presentations on an exciting range of topics—the culmination of months of hard work and intellectual exploration.
  • Recognition for Our Program

    In 2012, Thacher received an Edward E. Ford Foundation Leadership Grant that was intended to support a Thacher-led forum designed to help other schools develop and improve their senior capstone projects. That initiative has evolved into the Capstone Consortium, a national collaboration between public, independent, parochial, and charter schools that share a belief in the power of capstone projects. The organization hosts an annual Summer Summit, which allows leaders of capstone programs to gather, collaborate, and share ideas. The inaugural Summer Summit was hosted at Thacher in 2013; the School remains an enthusiastic and committed participant in the Consortium.

Video: When the Students Become the Teachers


The Senior Exhibition program provided me with the opportunity to explore the 2014 Ebola outbreak on a deep level. I honed important research, presentation, and analytical skills that have been invaluable in college and will continue to serve me well in my future career. Furthermore, it sparked my interest in subject areas that I continue to be passionate about today, including epidemiology, health policy, and global health.”  

Hanover, New Hampshire

Senior Exhibition Topics 2017 & 2018