There’s only one way to truly understand what makes the Thacher community one-of-a-kind: Come for a visit.

If you’re thinking of applying, you’ve probably done your share of research. You’ve seen the rugged beauty of our campus in pictures on this website. You’ve requested information and read our view book cover to cover. You’ve watched the videos of our students talking about their own Thacher lives, and you’ve begun to imagine your own.

Arrange Your Visit

There are two easy ways to schedule your official visit to campus:

  1. Call our office at 805-640-3210
  2. Email us at
Because of the high demand for visit slots, many days will fill up completely; we encourage you to visit soon. Once you’ve scheduled your visit, read on to learn about the five essential components of a Thacher visit.

What to Expect

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  • Admission Welcome

    The first stop is our Admission living room, where a member of our staff will spell out what Thacher is all about: what we do, how we do it, and why we do it that way. We know that just coming for a visit to Thacher requires a special type of courage: a willingness to consider something completely new. Prospective students and families should use this time to ask any questions they have about our philosophy, our programs, and our community.
  • The Interview

    It’s our job as interviewers to help prospective students show us their best selves. We want each student to have a good interview, so we’re in their corner from the start. During the interview, the student spends about 15-20 minutes with a member of our staff, and then the parent(s) have about 10 minutes with that same interviewer. Prospective families walk away with an important new Thacher connectiona friend in the Admission Office who will be there to answer questions and offer advice.
  • The Tour

    Visiting families tour our campus with a student guide who will introduce them to the classrooms, athletic facilities, dorm rooms, arts studios, barns, and orange groves that we call home. This is also a great chance for students and families to ask the questions that really matter to them, as our student tour guides are the real Thacher experts: they did an extensive school search, they chose Thacher, and now they’re living it every day.
  • Assembly

    This is it: the uncut, unrehearsed version of The Thacher School. In some ways, there’s no telling what might happen at Assembly: a presentation by a faculty member, a performance by the Thacher choir, an address from a visiting scholar, a sports update. But there are a few things that a visitor can count on. There will be students who are happy and healthy, who feel known and cared for by their teachers, and there will be faculty members who go the extra mile to make sure each student feels at home here at Thacher.

– Tyler

There are things about Thacher that just can’t be seen online or in a magazine. To really know Thacher, you need to immerse yourself in the kindness of the community, breathe in the fresh orange blossom air of the valley, and look out across campus to the peaks that form the skyline to the west. And you can only do those things in person.” 

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