Beyond the Classroom

Thacher is a community where students, faculty, and staff are actively engaged in every aspect of life here on campus, coming together around the four tenets of fairness, honor, kindness, and truth.

Students here are not just enrolled in tough and engaging academic classes. They might also be riding and caring for a horse; attending sports practice in the afternoons and cheering on fellow athletes at big matches on the weekends; sitting down to all-school formal dinner with peers and teachers; going to play rehearsals after dinner with the rest of the cast; designing their own independent course of study in the afternoons; founding a new club or stepping into a leadership role in an existing one; and spearheading community service projects in Ojai or Ventura. Some activities are required, others are voluntary, but one thing’s for certain: Every single student has a role to play in building and upholding Thacher’s culture.

The more our students are involved in the community, the more chances they have to challenge themselves, learn from peers and faculty, and develop into engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders.


“Thacher taught me that education encompassed growing as a person—to be kind, positive, respectful, daring, and responsible. Thacher taught me that education meant challenging myself intellectually through critical thinking, engaging in dialogue, and asking for help when I need it. Thacher taught me that education included learning how to be a leader, how to listen to others, and how to be resilient.”