Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and organizations on campus are as varied and diverse as the interests of our students.

To us they’re more than just fun extracurriculars. They’re opportunities to spark important discussions on campus, explore personal passions, lead critical initiatives, and strengthen our community and hone students’ leadership skills.

Today there are about 20 active clubs on campus that meet regularly, some that have been active for well over a century and others that were just recently formed by interested students. Senior year, many students step into leadership roles in these clubs and organizations, taking a prominent place in the campus community.

Some of the popular clubs at Thacher include United Cultures of Thacher, a platform to discuss issues of diversity; the Sir Winston Churchill Debate Society, which prepares debates about topical national and world events; the Film Society, which watches and critiques films from around the world; the Mad Bomber Ski Society, which plans trips to areas within driving distance; The Thacher Notes, the school newspaper; the Environmental Action Committee, which spearheads sustainability initiatives on campus; and many more.

Above all, any student can join or form their own new club (the latter with approval of the Dean of Students), providing an inclusive platform for creating, discussing, and taking action.