Mission & Organization

Sustainability Mission Statement

Deeply rooted in its heritage of valuing the teaching power of the outdoors, The Thacher School is committed to fostering in its community members a lifelong respect for nature and the environment. Aware of the significant environmental challenges the world faces in the 21st century, Thacher strives to be a leader in sustainable practices and to equip and inspire its students with the tools they need to be good stewards of the planet.

Consistent with this mission, The Thacher School seeks to:

  • Integrate respect for nature and the environment in all aspects of School life
  • Teach, practice, and encourage sustainable living of the entire Thacher community—students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni
  • Reduce the generation of greenhouse gases by utilizing natural resources in the most efficient possible way
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle water, food, and other waste
  • Develop educational programs for students, faculty, and staff that emphasize individual responsibility and leadership to foster ecological sustainability and environmental health as well as personal health
  • Through our programs and example, create a positive impact for sustainable living for our neighbors in the Ojai Valley and beyond

Campus Organizations

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  • Environmental Action Committee

    The Environmental Action Committee (EAC) is the hub of all student initiatives related to programs and practices regarding sustainability. Led primarily by seniors each year, this task force is the engine driving myriad projects on campus: freshman environmental orientation, hog care and feeding, beekeeping, food waste and composting, electricity use, water management, dorm gardens, zero-waste events, inter-dorm competitions, poultry raising, outreach to elementary schools, and sponsoring films on campus.  With a decade of success at the school, the EAC enjoys special stature and respect in the Thacher community. 

    2015-16 Committee Members
    Avery Bearden -  Water
    Elsabet Jones - Freshman Program
    Emma Herzig - Bees
    Grace Callander - Hogs
    Jack Pierrepont - Waste Management
    Katherine Rauner - Power (Solar)
    Krista Cabrera - Monica Ros Program
    Margaret Troast -  Freshman Program
    Talia Isaacson - Outreach
    Thomas Hudson - Bees
    Tucker Bennett - Composting
    Karl Kelly - Dorm Gardens
    Casey Gaughan - Head Honcho
    Emma Freedman - Food Justice
    Natasha Brown - Food Justice
    Bridget Levy - Dorm Gardens
    Griffin Somaratne - Dorm Gardens
  • Sustainability Council

    In the fall of 2013 Thacher established the Sustainability Council to provide strategic planning on all current and future sustainability programs and projects at Thacher. This group meets once a month and it is composed of five students, one representative for each grade, the head of the Environmental Action Committee (a student-led environmental group), the sustainability coordinator, the director of facilities, the CFO, the director of food services, four faculty members, one staff member, an alumni representative, and a representative from the board of trustees.