List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • My primary roles at Thacher

    As the head of school, I play many roles, but my favorite ones—teaching, coaching, advising, camping—involve working directly with the students.
  • What my students call me

    Mr. Mulligan in formal settings, Mully in informal ones—or Spike Hooligan when they discover my high school nickname.
  • I knew I wanted to work at Thacher when

    I decided that it was time to expand my vision of education and see what this interesting, iconic, and, at that time, little known school (from the east coast perspective) had to offer.
  • Since you asked me to brag, here's the professional accomplishment I'm most proud of

    A campus culture that is dynamic, fun, and respectful.
  • Favorite job perk

    Enjoying the beauty of the Los Padres and Ojai every day.
  • Favorite Thacher teaching moment

    Impossible question. Learning is an everyday thing here; the magic unfolds from minute to minute.
  • When not in the classroom I can be found

    Riding, running, reading, writing, watching, talking, listening.
  • Hardly anybody knows that

    I stood twenty feet from Richard Nixon when he bid his farewell to the White House—and then attended Gerry Fords first cabinet meeting.
  • Favorite place in my imagination

    Stretched out in our 1928 Old Towne Canoe drifting across Upper Sysladobsis in the Maine Wilderness.
  • Favorite places on earth

    Cross Creek Ranch, Alta WY; Thacher; Middlebury College; The Governor's Academy; Pine Mountain Lodge to Fishbowls; Red Reef Trail; sailing out of the Merrimack River into the bold Atlantic; the old farm in Reading, Vermont; Newburyport, MA; sailing in a westerly down along the Plum Island National Seashore and dropping the hook, swimming, having lunch, drinking in the cold water, salt air, steady breeze and warm sun. Freedom.
  • The book, movie, work of art, or piece of music I cannot imagine life without

    Henry David Thoreaus Life on Walden Pond.
  • What I wanted to be when I grew up (when I was 10)

    A rancher with lots of horses.
  • What I want to be when I grow up (now)

    I am doing it.