Ohmigod, You Guys!

It's Legally Blonde the musical!
Thacher's very own version of—very blonde, very legal—Elle Woods graced the stage of the Milligan Center for the Performing Arts last weekend and captivated minds and hearts. The audience—most of whom were already familiar with the story from Legally Blonde the movie—relived the funny and empowering story of the ditzy sorority girl turned Harvard law student.

Behind the success of this production are the long hours and hard work put in by Rod Jacobsen (director), Gregory Haggard (music director), Gallia Vickery (choreographer), and Cal Jensen CdeP 2006 (technical director). These dedicated faculty members started with casting way back at the end of the fall term and worked diligently all winter to bring together over fifty students in the making of this production. The countless hours of rehearsal led to two great nights of performance, in which both cast and crew should take great pride.

Cast and Crew of Legally Blonde:


Elle Woods—Ava Penner '17
Emmett—Colin Troughton '16
Paulette—Elizabeth Zhang '16
Warner Huntington III—Adam Marcelo '18
Professor Callahan—Anthony Nikitopoulos '17
Vivienne Kensington—Kathryn Lynch '16
Brooke Wyndham—Sophia Fung '17
Enid Hoopes—Hillary Ellman '16
The Girls of Delta Nu:
   Margo—May Walton '18
   Serena—Libby Hatton '18
   Pilar—Shalan Billaut-Lee '18
   Kate—Yosephina Peters '18
   Gaelen—Paiton Gleeson '18
   Leilani—Reade Rossman '16
   Emmy—Emmy Daro '19
   Devon—Devon Roberts '19
Dad, Aaron, Nikos, Ensemble—Michael Ratsimbazafy '18
Grandmaster Chad, Dewey, Carlos, Ensemble—Chris Gilbert '18
Chutney Wyndham, Ensemble—Maya Wendel '19
Kyle, Ensemble—Maximilian Damon '17
Padamadan, Ensemble—Griffin Somaratne '18
Mom, Court Reporter, Ensemble—Peyton FitzHugh '18
Winthrop, Saleswoman, Ensemble—Mary Yan '18
Lowell, Bailiff, Ensemble—Steven Jump '17
Violinist, Frat Boy, Ensemble—James Costigan '19


Assistant Technical Director—Helena Girardoni '18
Stage Manager—Jasmin Arculli '17
Assistant Stage Manager—Jasmin Kim '17
Light Board Operator—Colly Smith '16
Assistant Light Board Operator—Kelly Oh '18
Props Master—Helena Girardoni '18
Props—Emma Gilmore '18, Gaby Sierra '18
Spot Light—Clare Rogowski '17, Elliot Schiff '16
Sound Board—Diallo Scott '18
Stage Crew—Kibibi Davis '18, Olivia Driscoll '18, Nick Edwards '18, Helena Girardoni '18, Brendan Glenn '17, Joe Hardwicke '18, Zoe Huang '18, Stefanie Lueders '19, Abby Romo '19, Joelle Rubeli '18, Asher Wood '17
Fly Master—Finn Ehringer '17
Costumes—Willa Hancock '18, Valerie Mendez '16, Ashley Song '16
Makeup—Jane Gamble '18, Hayden Howard '16, Rose O'Neal '17, Natalie Osuna '17


Piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, contractor
—Dan Willard
Flute, clarinet, baritone saxophone—Tom Bucker
Trumpet 1—Ron Barrows
Trumpet 2—John Goldman
Trombone—Andrew Conchelos
Violin—Amy Hagen, Steven Yoo '19
Cello—Paul Chio '17, Danica Pinner
Keyboard 1—Eric Valinsky
Keyboard 2—John Boyd
Guitar—Brad Rabuchin
Bass—Tome Etchart
Drums—Ken Delbo
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      Legally Blonde Highlight Video

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