Let's Fly Away to Neverland!

Students present Peter Pan as the Spring Sing production.
Before departing in various directions for Spring Extra-Day Trips, the Thacher community gathered together in the Milligan Center for the final theater production of the year: Peter Pan. The Spring Sing is an entirely student-run theatrical production—from the casting to the directing, acting to technical design. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome, making the Spring Sing a unique opportunity for students to try something new.

This year's student heads, John Kern '16, Brooke Porter '16, and Morgana Van Peebles '16 led a cast and crew of nearly 50 peers in bringing this childhood favorite to life. What a great, light-hearted send off for a week in the backcountry!

Cole Anderson '16
Samantha Baird '16
Nevin Bernet '16
Sam Bulter '16
Hillary Ellman '16
Ellie Gifford '16
Tyler James '16
Jean Li '16
Spencer McCune '16
Valerie Mendez '16
Lydia Paxton '16
Katie Rauner '16
Kevin Ryu '16
Ashley Song '16
Chase Van Kalsbeek '16
Sarah Voss '16
Natasha Brown '17
Paul Choi '17
Anthony Nikitopoulos '17
Thomas Boneysteele '18
Libby Hatton '18
Caroline DelVecchio '19
Defne Egbo '19
Klara Jacobs '19
Eric Mao '19
Fiona McLaughlin '19
Evan Perry '19
Wesley Porter '19
Jamie Song '19
Alice Tang '19
Maya Wendel '19
Alika Williams '19
Steven Yoo '19

Krista Cabrera '16
Charlotte Driscoll '16
Hayden Howard '16
Colin Troughton '16
Brendan Glenn '17
Steven Jump '17
Rose O'Neal '17
Nick Edwards '18
Jane Gamble '18
Isabel Hosafros '19
Abby Romo '19
Piper Stacey '19

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