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Two students curate photo essays.
While the majority of the imagery and language found on the Thacher website is generated by the adults on campus, a student perspective is always a welcome addition. Recently Asher Wood '17 and Yousef Lawrence '18 took some time to compile photo essays on areas of the Thacher experience of import and interest to them.

A Steller Revival: Yousef's Statement
Looking out into the stars of the night sky has had a long and storied history at Thacher. In the Astronomy program’s nascency, the Summer Science Program brought such renowned names as astronomer Edwin Hubble and physicist Richard Feynman. This helped situate Thacher as one of the leading high schools for astronomical research. After shifts in the Summer Science Program’s location however Thacher lost that preeminence.  That is, until, with much help from Dr. Vyhnal and Dr. Swift, the school procured a new, leading edge telescope, capable of robotic operation and fit for modern day research. Since arriving at Thacher, no other addition or change has provided as much excitement as the introduction of a fully functioning observatory. After a brief hiatus, I know I’ll be rejoining the Astronomy research program. It now indeed has massive potential for bona fide scientific research. But there is also the possibility for observational astronomy and astrophotography. Often times it is the beautiful glimpses into all manner of cosmic phenomena that, draw people in, as it, at least initially, did with me, and as I hope it does with many others.

Early Morning at the Barns: Asher's Statement
Every morning, Thacher students go to the barns to muck and care for their horses. They muck stalls, clean drinkers, feed and groom horses, and take care of tasks all around the riding department. Thacher's horse program is incredibly unique. While all freshmen are required to participate, many upperclassmen choose to return to the program in later years.

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