Senior Exhibitions

The seniors present their capstone projects.
All year long, the senior class has been diligently working towards Senior Exhibition Weekend—one of the culminating events of their Thacher career. Beginning in the fall, seniors work with a faculty research advisor to pick a topic for which they have deep interest and curiosity. Through the winter term they conduct extensive research, interviewing experts and developing their own perspective. Spring term shifts their focus towards honing months worth of research into a thirty-minute presentation. While some students are champing at the bit—having already decided on their topic in their freshman year—others are perhaps more reticent about the idea of delivering a thirty-minute presentation. However, all rise to the occasion come Senior Ex Weekend.

Last weekend, family and friends flocked to campus to cheer on the seniors as they assumed the mantle of teacher and expert. Proceedings commenced on Thursday evening with a celebratory "gala" dinner—complete with tablecloths and Martinelli's—immediately followed by the first exhibitions of the weekend. The presentations extend all day Friday and through Saturday at noon. Each year, the only major complaint is at the difficulty of choosing between concurrent presentations—nobody gets to see every single one.

The class of 2017 and their presentation topics:

Zion Alcindor—The Lived Experience of Black Students in Private Schools
Jasmin Arculli—Coral Propagation
Homa Bakhiet—How the CIA Started the Crack Epidemic
Fiona Bean—Wolves: Predator or Prey
Poppy Brittingham and Emma Freedman—Kumana Prize: Engineering Paper Waste Solutions
Natasha Brown and Maya Wilcox—The Greater Good Project: Designing a Diversity Conference
Tiffany Butler—The Nature of Conspiracy Theories
Ronan Byrne—Sherpas: Everest's Dying Culture
Mikayla Carrier—Sexual Orientation: Its Origin and Where We Are Now
Karla Ceja—Tech and Toddlers: Growing Up Digital
Bynk Chanuntranont—Introduction to Stock Picking: A Practical Approach
Paul Choi—Comic Books: Influence and Reflection Upon U.S. History
Audrey Cussen—Bias in Healthcare
Maximilian Damon—Suicide and the Effects of High-Pressure Academic Environments on Students
Alden DelVecchio—NSA Domestic Surveillance
Sydeny de Polo—Comparing Catholic and Buddhist Perspectives and Rituals Surrounding Death
Cara Dienst—The Rise of the Islamic State
Isabelle Doubleday—The Causes and Psychology of False Convictions
Faith Earley—"Plata o Plomo": An Entrepreneurial Analysis of the Medellin Cartel
Andrew Eaton—How Trump Won
Finn Ehringer—Pain Killers: Prescription Drugs
Annie Everett—Family Psychology and the Implications of Birth Order
Bob Farrelly—The Psychology of Cults
Sophia Fung—The Panama Papers and the World of Illicit Offshore Banking
Taylor Gaines—The Real World Benefits of Playing Video Games
Edel Galgon—The Global Warming Hoax: How Politics Polluted Climate Science
Brendan Glenn—How We Think About the End of the World
Amanda Ibañez—Chicago: A Breeding Ground for Organized Crime and Corruption
Evan Jackson—ADHD Medicine: Abuse as a Study Drug
Laurence Jackson—The Racism of Real Estate
Ryan Jackson—Soccer: Its Cultural Impact and Potential Implications in the U.S.
Steven Jump—The Margins of Cherokee Identity: Who is a "Real" Indian?
Karl Kelly—Transcendentalism in the 20th Century
Libby Kern—Masculinity and Mental Health: How Patriarchy Can Harm Men
Liam Kirkpatrick and Peter Schmidt—Kumana Prize: Environmental Legislation in California
Jasmin Kim—"Comfort" Women: The Forgotten Sex Slaves of WWII
Luke Leasure—Don't Shoot the Messenger: The Ethics and Agenda of Julian Asange and Wikileaks
Bridget Levy—Space Efficient Interior Design
Serafina Nieves—Epigenetics: How Your Life Changed Your Genes
Anthony Nikitopoulos—Learn Smarter: Education Based on Brain Science
Rose O'Neal—Volunteering Abroad in the 21st Century
Eric Oregel—Patagonia: A Case Study Within American Consumerism
Natalie Osuna—How Mathematics and Technology Will Change the Future of Architecture
Isabel Ouweleen—Deconstructing the White Race: A Critical Study of Whiteness in America
Ava Penner—Sexism in the American Film Industry
Jordan Perry—Life in a Grey Area: Black and White Biracial Students
Reese Proctor—Becoming an Interplanetary Species: A Necessity for the Human Race
Sam Richardson—The Silicon Valley Effect: Deconstructing the Tech Capital of the World
Jacques Robles—Workout Supplements
Clare Rogowski—Solitary Confinement: Cruel and Unusual?
Braden Roh—Korean Democracy: Riots and Protests
Erin Slichter—Linguistic Relativity and Existentialism
Elizabeth Swindells—Ethical Eating
Shinnosuke Taniya—Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Ethical Code of Engineers
Cam Twichell—The Rise of Food Allergies
Alex Varon—Effective Methods to Lower Recidivism Rates in the U.S. Prison System
Nolan Vyhnal—The Evolution of American Breakfast and Culture
Pierre Weil—Bankruptcy Among Athletes
Lydia Wood-Hull—Art Therapy and the Neuroscience of Creativity

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