Fiftieth Anniversary of California Interscholastic Lacrosse

Thacher and Cate commemorate first-ever lacrosse game in the state.
Fifty years ago, in the spring of 1967, the boys of Thacher faced Cate, our rivals on the mesa, in the first-ever interscholastic lacrosse game in the state of California. Lacrosse at Thacher had begun the winter before with a casual, intramural group of students and faculty that, according to The Thacher Notes, “served mainly to muddy the pants and fill the time of the team’s members.” As other schools in the area got teams together, the program grew into something more. Today, the sight of both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse players weaving around the athletic fields has become a familiar sight that we look forward to every spring.

To commemorate the game that started it all, Thacher and Cate recently returned to Thacher’s Upper Field—the site of that very first game—to compete once again (and eat cake!).

To top off the fun and excitement, the Toads came away victorious with a 9-5 win.

Go Toads!

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