Spring Extra-Day Trips

Adventure calls... and is answered!
With the norovirus outbreak slowly dissipating in the days leading up to spring camping, the faculty and students readied themselves to head into the wilderness for a week of traveling via foot, hoof, pedal, or paddle. While the number of participants was diminished compared with other years (due to the aforementioned illness and make-up AP testing), the community looked forward to dispersing into the tranquility of nature.

Over half of this years trips camped locally, taking advantage of a wetter winter. Many groups were in the Sespe Wilderness and the Los Padres National Forest—right in Thachers backyard—while other local trips explored the San Rafael Wilderness (near Santa Barbara), the Matilija Wilderness, and the Channel Islands. Other groups ventured a bit further afield to the Southern Sierras where the snow pack would not inhibit their route—many saw and played in the snow, though!

Some highlights from this years trips include: snowball fights and sledding in the Sierra, swimming with horses in the Sespe, climbing new routes in the Domeland Wilderness, cozying up next to the campfire, seeing new country, and making new friends.

Upon returning from the wilderness, Ms. Halsey took a moment to reflect on the valuable disruption of Extra-Day Trips in her TOADtalk. This years trips fell between the closing weeks of school and final exams—a perfect moment to get away for a little R&R and time reconnecting with nature.

Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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