Spring Sing: The Little Mermaid

Our student directors take us under the sea!
We got no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea!

The Spring Sing—an entirely student-run production—brought The Little Mermaid to the Milligan Center Stage as this years final theatrical spectacle. Over fifty students across all grades came together to bring this classic Disney tale to life. Students, both those who were new to the theater, as well as seasoned veterans, could get involved either on stage or behind the scenes. This years senior directors Sophia Fung, Brendan Glenn, and Ava Penner expertly cast and directed their peers, leading to a fun-filled evening for all.

Sophia Fung 17 shared some insights into the making of this production:

It was the first time directing for all of us: Ava has an extensive background in musical theatre; I've been a part of a few Thacher musicals, and Brendan has done tech for Thacher productions. At least for me, it was really fulfilling to be able to start from nothing and go through the whole process of planning, casting, and directing to end with a complete, smoothly running show. The progress that the show made week to week and day to day was tangible and impressive. Taking a step back, the final production truly surpassed all of our expectations. 

One thing that surprised me was the passion and enthusiasm that the cast members brought to each of their roles, especially the freshmen. The show couldnt have been what it ended up being without the love that they put into it.

Alette Segerstrom 
Alika Williams 
Anthony Nikitopoulos
Griffin O'Neill
Jordan Perry 
Libby Hatton 
Paiton Gleeson
Colin Kirkpatrick 
Natalie Osuna 
Trevor Duggins 
Evan Glenn 
Joy Mathebula 
Abbey Alvarado
Barkley Bennett 
Carina Fung
Lila Potter 
Livy Edwards 
Maggie Sonenshine 
Malena Solin
Mya Bolden 
Sarah Liu 
Vincent Langan 
James Langan
Poppy Brittingham 
Zion Alcindor 
Bob Farrelly
Justin Wei 
Luke Letscher 
Bryan Yoo 
Karl Kelly
Erin Slichter 
Piper Stacey
Abby Romo
Evan Perry
Ian Dunne
Steven Yoo
Richard Garner
Eli Graff
Anna Pata
Nolan Vyhnal
Ursula Gately
Celia Cowles
Rose O'Neal 
Jane Gamble
Griffin Somaratne
Olivia Edmonson
Amber Brown

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