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Keeping our athletes safe, healthy, and in the game is a top priority.

Through the required afternoon program, every student at Thacher participates in athletics during their time as a Toad, and most are committed athletes during multiple sports seasons. Thacher’s state-of-the-art training room, run by a professional physical therapist with over 32 years of experience, helps them perform at their best through a full range of preventative and rehabilitative care.

Every coach and player has access to the training facility, where they can expect expert and personalized assessments, information, and care. The facility is equipped with four training tables, two electric stimulation machines, ultrasound care, a hydrotherapy room, and additional physical therapy equipment. Pre-game and practice taping, post-event ice therapy, stretching, informative rehabilitation techniques, electric stimulation, and ultrasound therapy are all available for athletes who need it.

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  • Mark Kurtz 

    Trainer and Physical Therapist

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