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On the stage, behind the easel, Thacher students develop the confidence and courage to take chances and find their voices.

They confront mediums and techniques they haven’t already mastered. They receive encouragement and support as they build on existing talents. And they’re welcomed with enthusiasm into all sorts of Arts programs and activities on campus, no matter their experience level. 


During annual drama and musical productions, including the student-run “Spring Sing,” actors, dancers, sound and lighting technicians, and costume and set designers demonstrate their skills in front of a packed house. The Dance Ensemble, offered as part of the Afternoon Program, exposes new and experienced dancers to a variety of styles and offers opportunities to perform innovative choreography on and off campus. Vocalists and musicians can join choral and instrumental groups that train and perform on and off campus, nationally and internationally. Visual artists enjoy access to ceramics, film and digital photography, woodworking, and studio arts facilities. And students looking to commit more deeply to a particular talent can develop an Independent Project as part of our Afternoon Program.

Supplementing these opportunities are outings to galleries and performances in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, along with performances and workshops offered by visiting artists and performers.


Every student takes at least two years of arts courses. Freshmen move through an introductory sequence, exploring studio arts, performance studies, and music. Advanced and specialized courses allow students to pursue their art more rigorously, emphasizing both theory and practice. No matter the path they choose to take, students are empowered to express themselves, explore and broaden their talents, and confront new challenges.

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I have been most surprised by my ability to sustain an incredibly diverse set of activities at a deep level across the board. I’m still blown away by how easy Thacher makes it. Between school, music, horseback riding, and other sports, I’m able to pursue anything I want with vigor. Sure, free time is scarce, but there always seems to be just enough for one more thing.”

Estes Park, Colorado

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