List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • My primary roles at Thacher

    Director of the Horse Program.
  • What my students call me

    I can only imagine what they call me when I am not around. When I am in their presence, it is simply Mr. Winters.
  • I knew I wanted to work at Thacher when

    I considered the uniqueness of Thacher’s Horse Program. I have been in the horse industry for over 35 years. My wife and I have traveled all over the world conducting horsemanship events. I can say that there’s nothing comparable to Thacher’s Horse Program anywhere.
  • Favorite Thacher teaching moment

    When I am helping a young person communicate with their horse and both the rider and the horse get it.
  • Favorite job perk

    Riding horses.
  • Since you asked me to brag, here are the professional accomplishments I'm most proud of

    I won the world championship colt-starting competition,Road to the Horse. I have also won a world championship title from the National Reined Cow Horse Association.
  • Favorite place at Thacher

    On the back of a horse at the Gymkhana Field after the ground has been watered and groomed.
  • Favorite place in my imagination

    Sitting on the back of a horse.
  • Favorite places on earth

    Anywhere with my wife and kids.
  • When not in the classroom, I can be found

    Riding a horse.
  • Hardly anybody knows that

    I was a search and rescue pilot with the Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.
  • The book, movie, work of art, or piece of music I cannot imagine life without

    The Bible.
  • What I wanted to be when I grew up (when I was 10)

    A horseman.
  • What I want to be when I grow up (now)

    A horseman.