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  • Riley Carney

    Advice for a student considering Thacher:
    It is an absolutely amazing experience! If you’re thinking about applying, come and visit during the school year. If you visit while school is in session, you will get a great sense of what Thacher is like. A student tour guide will walk you around campus, giving you a student’s perspective on life at Thacher. Additionally, you will attend an Assembly and see what is going on around the School.
    Favorite class:
    My favorite class that I have taken is my junior year math class with Ms. Vickery. Math has been my favorite subject for many years, but I really enjoyed the material I was taught in that class specifically. Additionally, my class formed a really close bond, not just between the students but with Ms. Vick as well. We were able to have so much fun while also learning. I was always excited to go to math class.
    The most impactful person:
    My sophomore year advisor has left the greatest impact on me. She is so kind and thoughtful, and she always made sure to meet with me every week to see how I was doing. I learned a lot from her, and she gave me pieces of advice that I used sophomore year and still use today. 
    Thacher’s influence on me:
    Before Thacher, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. After my first three years here, I have been able to try so many different things, both inside and outside the classroom. Because of that, I have explored and found my intellectual and extracurricular passions, such as lacrosse, theater, math, and biology, helping me plan out my future. I now am interested in going into medicine, and I want to continue playing lacrosse and acting while in college!