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  • Tommy Brittingham

    Advice to a student considering Thacher:
    Be willing to try new things. Thacher is a place full of opportunity, where it is safe to take risks. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be difficult, but it is where you will have the greatest opportunity for growth.
    Favorite class:
    I loved Environmental Science with Mr. Pidduck. He is an incredible teacher who cares deeply about the subject. He has impressive knowledge and uses the natural terrain of the Thacher campus in our learning.  
    Living and studying at Thacher:
    I like dorm life and hanging out with students. Being at boarding school allows you to develop deep relationships with all kinds of different people from a wide variety of backgrounds.
    Thacher’s influence on me:
    My ambitions have changed from wanting to have a fun high school experience to wanting to become an adult who will someday contribute to the betterment of the world and people that I meet.