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  • Tyler Berndt

    Favorite Thacher tradition:
    My favorite Thacher tradition is our biannual Coffeehouse, because it’s a time where everybody in the community gets together and shows off what they can do. However, my favorite part of Coffeehouse is getting to see the different side of everyone’s personality on stage. Just because someone plays football at Thacher doesn’t mean they’re a total jock with no feelings or other talents. My favorite thing is getting to see guys you’d typically label as a jock get up on stage and sing a sad song while they play the guitar. Coffeehouse truly shows the duality of Thacher students and puts our talents on display to the community.
    Favorite afternoon activity:
    Even though every single practice is so painful, football has been my favorite sport at Thacher over the past three years. As a freshman, I was the only kid in my class to go to preseason, and I was absolutely terrified. I walked into the locker room on the first day to be greeted by the three biggest and most muscular seniors on the team. Over the course of the week, I got to know everybody and was immediately accepted as a part of the team. Over my years on the team, I’ve learned a lot about hard work and discipline but also what it means to be a part of a team. I’ve experienced the highs of difficult wins and the lows of being absolutely crushed, but no matter what, we always had to practice the next day and had to work just as hard as the week before. Sure, the sport hurts both physically and mentally, but I love it for the lessons it’s taught me.
    Advice to a student considering boarding school:
    Think about how comfortable you would be leaving your family and friends for nine and a half months out of the year. It’s a big change going to live (somewhat) on your own and you have to be up for the challenge of doing your laundry and managing your schedule all by yourself.
    Thacher’s influence on me:
    Before coming to Thacher, I had relatively few passions or ideas as to what I wanted to do when I became older. But, after being here for some time, I feel like Thacher really does push students to explore their true interests and allows us to find our passion. For me, it was cooking. I broke my wrist snowboarding the fall of my junior year, so in the spring I was unable to play baseball. Because I was unable to play, I decided to apply for an independent in the hopes of finding a new passion. I eventually applied for and was approved for a cooking independent, which I quickly realized was the best thing I could have done. I worked with my independent advisor and the head of the dining hall to find ingredients, recipes, and chefs I could talk to. Everyone was so helpful throughout the process. Through Thacher, I was able to explore this new passion and it was an absolutely incredible experience.