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  • Vincent Langan

    Favorite class:
    Junior English with Ms. Popa CdeP 2010 was one of the most, if not the most, eye-opening and thought provoking classes that I have ever taken. What I found particularly impactful was Ms. Popa’s style of teaching; she encouraged each student in my section to build their own unique perspective on America’s history and literature, and provided specific, well thought feedback for virtually every assignment. The books we read were also some of my favorites, including The Great Gatsby, A Raisin in the Sun, and When the Emperor was Divine
    Favorite afternoon activity:
    I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Thacher's freshman and JV soccer teams throughout my first three years here. Having already played soccer before attending this school, Thacher’s friendly and experienced coaching staff helped me hone my soccer skills. Some of the highlights of my time at Thacher have been breathtaking sunsets from the Upper and Lower Fields after practice in the wintertime and nail-biting finishes against our local competitors.
    The most impactful person:
    My freshman year prefect has had the greatest impact on me during my time at Thacher. Steven encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliarity of Thacher life one experiences during the freshman year. Attending a boarding school over 3,000 miles from home was, initially, not an easy adjustment, and having a mentor as well as a friend to offer support throughout my first year was comforting, to say the least. I look to emulate Steven's care and character in my everyday life.
    Other thoughts:
    The biggest and scariest decision of my life was to venture all the way across the country for my high school years. This was also the best decision of my life (so far).