An Unusual Admission Cycle Delivers an Exceptional Yield

Here’s to Thacher’s incoming class for fall 2020!

Decisions are in. The class of 2024 has been determined—and what a group they are! Out of hundreds of applicants, only 13 percent were accepted by the School and 76 percent of the accepted students have enrolled. Our 68 new Toads—60 ninth graders, 6 new tenth graders, and 2 new eleventh graders—come from 12 states and 9 countries; 57 percent identify as students of color; and 46 percent of the new boarders come from outside of California.

Despite their varied backgrounds and hometowns, they all reached the same conclusion about where and how they want to spend their high school years. This year, that decision-making process took an unusual turn when Thacher, like so many other schools, was forced to cancel customary revisit events. In place of those events, our Admission Office organized a series of online panels designed to let applicants find answers to any remaining questions through conversations with Thacher students, teachers, and administrators. The outcome is a highly talented cohort of young people whose interests, aspirations, and willingness to take on a new challenge match Thacher’s unique program. 

“Thacher is very clear about what teenagers need to become their best selves,” says Bill McMahon, director of enrollment and planning. “And our unique program is an expression of that clarity. When students and families resonate with our approach, we end up with a self-selecting group of families who are all-in for the Thacher experience—even without the benefit of an in-person revisit.”

As schools everywhere wrestle with the questions about when and how they will gather in person, we are looking forward to welcoming this particular group home to Thacher.

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