The Walker Bell Calls

The familiar sound of the Thacher dinner bell gathers our community for a common purpose.
Each night of Formal Dinner, the Walker Bell calls the Thacher community together. May 17-22 we will be calling the community together for another reason. In response to the pandemic, Thacher has doubled down on our commitment to support students, faculty, and staff, at significant cost to the School. At the same time, we have been forced to cancel two major events and their associated fundraising activities—our reunion weekend and our Big Gymkhana Benefit—which historically have raised 25 percent of our total Annual Fund. 

Instead of  these events we will be holding the Walker Bell Giving Challenge—an invitation to come together and support our School in this critical time. Several online events, many inspired by traditional Thacher events, are scheduled for the week and the community will have multiple opportunities to provide their financial support, including challenges and matches.

Learn about the week's virtual events here.

More About Thacher

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