List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • My primary roles at Thacher

    Chinese teacher, freshman advisor, and helper in the Horse Program.
  • I knew I wanted to work at Thacher when

    I have known about Thacher since I was in middle school and always dreamed of this place where horses are a part of everyday life. Meeting all the people during my campus visit and hearing from students about their experience got me excited about working here.
  • When not in the classroom I can be found

    Riding horses, reading, swimming, watching movies, baking, playing frisbee.
  • Favorite places on earth

    Hanging out with family; sitting on a surfboard waiting for the next wave.
  • Favorite place in my imagination

    Care-a-Lot (from the Care Bears—I’ve always thought it’d be fun to jump around in the clouds).
  • Since you asked me to brag, here are the professional accomplishments I am most proud of

    Seeing/hearing a student progress from zero Chinese to being able to hold a conversation.
  • Hardly anybody knows that

    I have a secret (albeit amateur) passion for glass blowing.