Research shows us that the most meaningful, enduring learning happens in the context of relationships.

Our faculty members are not only masters of their content areas, they’re also deeply committed to building real relationships with students. They carefully design curriculum to push students to their maximum potential, offering support as each individual accomplishes things that initially felt just beyond reach.

Expanding Minds

Our faculty also knows that Thacher academics are more than an invitation to achievementthey are an invitation to expansion. They’re a chance for students to see from new and varied viewpoints, to examine critically the world around them, and to engage with that world for the greatest good. Classes here help to build a broad foundation of understanding and spark the intellectual passions that will take students to places they never imagined.

Our Classrooms

In a Thacher classroom, students find something different. In fact, sometimes students won’t even find four walls. But whether they’re in a creek bed examining biodiversity, standing in Tiananmen Square analyzing the impact of democratic ideals on Chinese culture, in the Thacher Observatory collecting data on exoplanets, or behind the lectern delivering their Senior Exhibition research, they’ll be learning that they’re capable of so much more than they thought.


“The academics at Thacher are very challenging, but the program is structured to bring out the best in each student. My Thacher experience was great preparation for Stanford, especially in terms of approaching and working with my professors.”

Beijing, China

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