Student Life

Peer pressure is not always bad. What matters most is who your peers are.

At Thacher, students find peers and classmates—plus teachers, coaches, and advisors—who challenge them to take their ideas to the next level, who support them when they’re in doubt, and who cheer them on when they confront their biggest hurdles. It’s this kind of peer group and community that helps students take the positive risks they need to become their best selves. It’s also why cultivating a passionately engaged and supportive student community is one of the single most important goals of our School. From there, everything else is made possible.

How do you build a community like that? You see it happen as an athlete stays after practice to help a teammate perfect her jump shot; during a dorm-wide community discussion about the Honor Code; as two friends come together to pitch a new environmental initiative to the administration; or while a student and a teacher puzzle over a calculus problem in the Dining Hall.

In short, you’ll find that Thacher students are uniquely committed to participating in every aspect of life at the School, from academics to athletics to extracurricular projects, and using their powerful influence on one another for good.


“Though I have spent the last three years at Thacher creating my own unique identity, I have found that my teachers, advisors, coaches, and friends have helped me become someone so much bigger and better than I could have learned to be by myself.”

Lake Oswego, Oregon

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