Philosophy and Mission

Honor. Fairness. Kindness. Truth.

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  • Philosophy

    The philosophy of The Thacher School is rooted in the wisdom and work of its founder, Sherman Day Thacher, who embraced the extraordinary natural venue of his school and sought above all else to train his students “in the art of living for their own greatest good and for the good of their fellow citizens.” He believed the most worthwhile education combined a vigorous academic life with rugged outdoor activities that engendered self-reliance, concern for others, and fidelity to four principles: honor, fairness, kindness, and truth.
  • Mission

    Thacher trains young men and women in the art of living for their own greatest good and for the greatest good of their fellow citizens in a diverse and changing world. To that end, the School augments its highly challenging academic program with profound lessons learned from the care of a horse, regular chores around the School, teamwork on playing fields, outstanding instruction in the arts, the give and take of everyday life with schoolmates and teachers, and adventures shared in the wilderness. The aim is to inspire and encourage hard work, integrity, self-reliance, a lifelong love of learning and truth, self-knowledge, and a deep concern for the world in which we live.

- Michael K. Mulligan

“Thacher gives all its students the most precious of gifts: the opportunity to discover not only who they are, but, more importantly, what they can become as they move from challenge to achievement to personal fulfillment. They are surrounded by a motivated peer group and adults who know them and care deeply for them; they are held to high standards out of this concern for their growth.”

Head of School