List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • My primary roles at Thacher

    Instructor of English, girls’ JV tennis coach, and the chair of the English Department.
  • What my students call me

    Dr. Boyd.
  • Favorite Thacher teaching moment

    When discussing a challenging text, a class comes together to make meaning.
  • Since you asked me to brag, here are the professional accomplishments I'm most proud of

    I’m proud to be on the faculty at Thacher. Additionally, at my previous school, I was recognized as the dorm parent of the year.
  • When not in the classroom I can be found

    Exploring campus with my family or riding a bike.
  • Favorite job perk

    The kindness of our community. And the pomegranates.
  • Hardly anybody knows that

    My wife and I once spent a summer riding bikes across the country.
  • Favorite places on earth

    New Hampshire’s Newfound Lake; the Thursday Night crit in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania; and Reno’s Rancho San Rafael Park.
  • The book, movie, work of art, or piece of music I cannot imagine life without

    Whitman’s Leaves of Grass; Dave Stoller in Breaking Away; David Foster Wallace’s A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again; Terry Tempest Williams’ When Women Were Birds. Each informed my life to such an extent that I can’t imagine who I would be without them.
  • What I wanted to be when I grew up (when I was 10)

    The Governor of New Hampshire.
  • What I want to be when I grow up (now)

    To be honest, I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. I can’t imagine anything better.