Test-Takers Earn Honors in Latin

Students impress with National Latin Exam results.
Twenty-one Thacher students recently took the annually administered National Latin Exam, joining over 149,000 other test-takers from 50 states and 16 foreign countries including Australia, Belize, Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe. The exam tests students on their knowledge and understanding of Roman culture, history, literature, and language at each Latin class level.

Fifteen out of Thacher’s 21 test-takers claimed awards for their performance on the exam:

Cum Laude
Richard Garner ’20, Latin I

Magna Cum Laude
Ian MacArthur Dunne ’20, Latin I
Marguerite Zion Sonenshine ’20, Latin II
Yousef Lawrence ’18, Latin III
Anthony Aristides Nikitopoulos ’17, Latin IV

Maxima Cum Laude with Silver Medal
Colin Dahl Smith ’20, Latin I
Alika Jay Ka'imipono Williams ’19, Latin II
Yao Yin ’19, Latin II
Nicholas Montgomery Edwards ’18, Latin IV
Paiton Toshiko Kanda Gleeson ’18, Latin IV

Summa Cum Laude with Gold Medal
Winslow Avery Atkeson ’20, Latin I
John Ford Shaper ’19, Latin II
Celia Ysabel Cowles ’20, Latin II
George Cleveland Lawrence ’19, Latin III
Asher Buffett Duvall Wood ’17, Latin IV


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