Latin Students Bring Home the Gold

Thacher students had a strong showing in the National Latin Exam; 75 percent of the students who took the test received awards.
Seventy-five percent of the Thacher Latin students who took the National Latin Exam this year received awards for their results. The tests are level-specific (Latin I students take the Latin I test, etc.), and students from each level were recognized. Of the awardees, we had three gold medal winners, four silvers, and students who received certificates for their accomplishments.

The test measures grammar, vocabulary, translation, and Roman culture. In it, the students are not competing with fellow students on a comparative basis, but are evaluated solely on their own performance on the exam.

Congratulations to the awardees:

Latin I
Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal): Connor ’22,
Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal): Keira ’22
Cum Laude: Joyce ’22

Latin II
Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal): Julia ’21
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Natalie ’22
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Sophie ’22
Magna Cum Laude: Milli ’22

Latin III
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Emer ’21
Cum Laude: Teddy ’21

AP Latin
Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal): Celia ’20
Magna Cum Laude: Yao ’19

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