What They Are Studying in History

Research paper topics from Mr. Carney's Honors U.S. History class, Spring 2014
Ever wondered what Thacher kids are writing their history papers about these days? Here are the topics chosen by students in Jason Carney's class this spring:
  • Iran Hostage Crisis
  • The U.S. Military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy
  • The Impact of U-2 Aerial Surveillance on Eisenhower’s Presidency During the Cold War
  • The Economic Impact of the Transcontinental Railroad
  • Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation
  • Nonviolent Protest through the Filter of the 1961 Freedom Rides
  • Effects of Aircraft Carriers on Naval Warfare in WW2
  • Hip Hop, Politics, and Corporations
  • The Cyclical Aftermath of School Shootings in America
  • The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act’s Unintended Consequences on Asian and Latino Immigrants 
  • The Freemasons Impact on the Revolutionary War era in America
  • Aftermath of Watergate
  • The Apollo Program and its Effect on American Society
  • The WCTU’s role in the America’s movement toward Prohibition
  • No Gun Ri Massacre 
  • “Black Tuesday”—Wall Street Crash of 1929
  • Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act 
  • No Child Left Behind and its Effect on Modern American Education
  • The Ethics of Curtis LeMay’s Bombing Campaign in WWII

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