Affording Thacher

We strongly believe that a student’s power to access a world-class boarding school education shouldn’t be limited by their family’s ability to pay full tuition.

We know that the decision to enroll is a major financial commitment for every family and represents a major investment in their child’s future.

We’re proud to offer a robust and equitable financial aid program, which allows us to enroll highly qualified students regardless of family resources. We know that having a thriving community of students from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds enriches the educational experience of all members of the student body and prepares them to succeed in the wider world beyond Thacher. Our ultimate objectives: Maintain an economically diverse student population and ensure that the full rewards of a Thacher education are accessible to families at every income level.

—Michael K. Mulligan

Talented students come from all quarters and are not limited to those who can afford a full Thacher tuition. Living and learning in a richly diverse community enhances critical thinking and improves overall citizenship by challenging stereotypes and fostering mutual respect and inclusion.

Head of School