AP Chem Students Excel on International Exam

Thacher test takers demonstrate their mastery of the content with impressive results.
Last spring, the 17 students enrolled in AP Chemistry sat for the challenging Chem 13 News Exam, a 40-question multiple-choice test sponsored by the University of Waterloo. Our students joined an international pool of 2,141 students hailing from 284 schools across Canada, the US, and overseas in taking the exam. The results, which Dr. Vyhnal (or Doc V around here) recently announced at an All-School Assembly, were an impressive testament to their mastery of the material. 
Eleven of the Thacher test takers finished in the top 20 percent of the international pool; four of those finished in the top 10 percent; and all 17 of them scored average or better, putting Thachers class average score in the 82nd percentile of the international testing pool. 
This was a particularly strong and dedicated bunch, said Dr. Vyhnal of his students’ achievements. In my 12 years of AP Chemistry here at Thacher, Ive never had so many students score so well on this very difficult exam. Its a testament to the positive attitude and hard work they demonstrated throughout the year. Their earnest efforts made the classroom experience a lot of fun and very rewarding for all of us.
Scored in the top 20 percent
Libby Kern 17
Natalie Osuna 17
Alden DelVecchio 17
Braden Roh 17
Maya Wilcox 17
Douglas Klink CdeP 2016
Casey Gaughan CdeP 2016
Scored in the top 10 percent
Shin Taniya 17
Homa Bakhiet 17
Liam Kirkpatrick 17
Jordan Perry 17 (Thachers top scorer; finished 63rd of 2,141; scored better than 97 percent of the international pool)

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