The Bye Bye Man

A special early screening of the much-anticipated horror film.
Don't think it. Don't say it...Imagine the root of all evil as originating from a mysterious figure—the Bye Bye Man.

Senior Ava Penner proudly brought to campus last Friday a special screening of her parents' upcoming film: The Bye Bye Man (in theaters today!). The film is based on Robert Damon Schneck's short story The Bridge to Body Island with a screenplay written by Ava's father, Jonathan Penner (who also produced and acted in the film). Ava is especially proud of her mother, the director Stacy Title. She commented, "I'm proud of my Mom. With only two percent of feature films directed by women released, it's a big accomplishment for her!"

In the film Ava plays the character Anna and her brother Cooper CdeP 2014 cameos as a college student. Spoiler alert: When Ava reflected that on some of her favorite moments from the filming she said, "I loved working with Leigh Whannel, who kills me in the film. Dying on screen is easier said than done, though. I had to pretend to get hit by a bullet more than ten times and throw myself back against the wall a lot. I also wore something called a squib, a detonator of sorts that you can blow up and make look like the person wearing it was shot."

The buzz around campus indicates the film was well received by its test audience!

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