Community Service Day

Students and faculty get involved in the community.
Molly Perry, faculty advisor to Thacher's community service program, and senior community service leaders Poppy Brittingham, Bob Farrelly, and Clare Rogowski organized a fun and successful morning of optional community service opportunities this past weekend. Many in the Thacher community are already involved in regular community service programs—nearly 75 percent to be more precise—so Saturday's Community Service Day served as an opportunity to get a few more people involved or to allow the already regular volunteers to try helping out somewhere new.

Community Service Day offerings included a range of on-campus and off-campus activities—totaling 17 choices. The off-campus volunteer opportunities included: The Dream Foundation, Chivas Goat Farm, Reins of Hope, California Horse Rescue, Monica Ros, A Place to Grow, The Gables, The Ojai Library, Earthtrine Farms, Beach Clean-up and Help of Ojai Thrift Store. The on-campus activities included: trail work on some of Thacher's trails, xeriscaping to help reduce water use, picking fruit for Food Forward, digging a water line to the chicken coop, cleaning up the gun range to reduce its impact on the water shed, and updating Thacher's photo archives.

Dr. Jon Swift commented on his experience at Earthtrine Farms, "We had a really hard working crew that stuck it out for the full 3 hours. We got quite a bit done (6 beds of weeding, and 2 beds of cultivating), and even had time to graze the fava leaves before we left. It was a great experience, and BD was quite pleased."

Peter Robinson, chaperone of the Reins of Hope group, also had a positive report to share. "We were greeted enthusiastically and put to work. We were joined by two other women who work with the program, so the six of them got a bunch of stuff done. The presence of five adorable and responsive dogs and of six horses that the girls got to lead around some added to their high spirits. They worked hard and then thanked the organizers for the opportunity. A good morning...."

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