Winter Camping Weekend

A time to relax and rejuvenate.
When he was School Chair, Joe Bell CdeP 2012 established Thachers Winter Camping Weekend in the hopes of creating more opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the great outdoors—beyond the week-long Extra-Day Trips bookending the school year in the fall and spring.

The winter trip offerings this year included freshman horse camping, beach camping and surfing, rock climbing clinics with expert climber Mark Synnott, skiing at the Sugarbowl, a B-Camper backpacking excursion in the Sespe, and a unique camping-golfing combo. Of the golf trip, trip leader Dr. Vyhnal commented, Not camping like were used to, but its a trip Id do again in a heartbeat.

In addition to these camping opportunities, students took advantage of the no-homework weekend by sleeping in, catching up on some neglected TV shows, hiking the Thacher trails, breathing deep during extra yoga sessions, and putting in a little extra rehearsal time for the winter musical. Additionally, there were many home sporting events that students could attend to cheer on their fellow Toads.

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