Grandparents Days

Grandparents flock to campus to get a taste of Thacher life.
Close to 150 grandparents arrived on campus for Grandparents Days on April 4 and 5. Delighted students met their grandparents on the Pergola at registration before heading off to different activities—formal dinner, a fine art show, a Performing Arts Sampler, academic classes, Assembly, and gymkhana practice. On Wednesday, grandparents were generously treated to a delicious lunch at the home of Esther and Tom Wachtell (Grandparents of Ashley CdeP 2013, Alexis CdeP 2015 and Lauren '19) where they heard from Grandparents Chair Don Reed (father of Carolyn CdeP 1986, Allison CdeP 1989 and grandfather of Liam Kirkpatrick '17 and Colin Kirkpatrick '19). There was also time for a quiet meal away from campus and a head of school address in the Milligan Center, where grandparents could ask questions and learn more about the School.
Sincere thanks go to Grandparents Days Chairs Heidi Girardoni (mother of Julia CdeP 2014 and Helena '18) and Erin Roberts (mother of Devon '19) and the many parents who volunteered to shuttle grandparents, take photos, and help grandparents enjoy their time on campus in a myriad of ways. 
Ojai welcomed grandparents with mild temperatures and orange blossoms in bloom. From the looks of it, all in attendance had a great visit.

A few of the grandparents were so wowed by their time at Thacher they offered the following comments:

"Visiting Thacher with grandchildren provides a unique opportunity to share the wonders of the education that is available there. We experience the friendship of the community and the dedication of the faculty to the opening of new knowledge for their students.
When horses are involved, there are seemingly limitless opportunities for unimagined adventures and accomplishment. It renews our interest in the possibility of a future of ongoing discovery for the children and for us as we get to experience our growth together. In summary, we can see how the values of the school are practiced every day…Honor, Fairness, Kindness, Truth…a priceless foundation for life."
"As a Thacher grandparent, but not an alum, Grandparents Days have given me an opportunity to experience the campus first hand, both for myself, and from the viewpoint of my Thacher grandkids. Personally meeting their classmates, the other grandparents, and the faculty and staff gives me a whole new level of appreciation and confidence that they are experiencing, and I am supporting, an endeavor of the first caliber.”

"It is truly fun to come to Grandparents Days and have a taste of what Thacher life is like—the smell of the orange groves and beauty of the surroundings, the cheerful optimism of both students and staff, and the academic rigor which is providing such a good education to my grandkids. I wouldn't miss it for the world!”

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