All-School Banquet

The community gathers to celebrate the 2016-2017 academic year.
Fittingly, as the year begins with the singing of Domine at the New Year's Banquet in the fall, so the year ends with the singing of the Banquet Song at the All-School Banquet in the spring. After several demanding days of final exams and packing up dorm rooms, the community gathers together one final time to celebrate the academic and extracurricular successes of the year. 

The order of events for this special evening include the announcement of academic commendations and other School awards and prizes, the School Chair’s remarks, and the Head of School’s year-end message. Additionally, the community formally thanked and bid farewell to its departing faculty and staff members.

The following commendations, awards, and prizes were given at the All-School Banquet. If you’re wondering about the middle names, Thacher tradition holds that when a student receives an honor publicly, his or her full name is read. An asterisk indicates the top scholar or scholars in the discipline at that grade or level.

William Schaw Harding
Charlotte Ruby Kelliher
Daisy Jaye Lawrence
Luca Isabella Pieretti
Mohammed Shahriar Rahman
Malena Wren Quistgard Solin
Tea Clara Alphea Wallmark

Isabel Ana Hosafros*
James Peter Costigan
Ursula Elizabeth Gately 
Lindsey White Greenhill
Klara Morrissen Jacobs
George Cleveland Lawrence
Devon Lyn Roberts
Abigail Miao Romo
Shan Nicole Bassolino
Emma Theresa Gilmore
Suzanna Juliet Gulick-Stutz 
Ruoyi “Zoe” Huang
Yousef Lawrence
Ricardo Lopez
Lingyu “Mary” Yan
Jasmin Aboitiz Arculli
Fiona Siobhan Bean
Emma Rose Freedman
Amanda Itzel Ibañez
Liam Reed Kirkpatrick
Jordan Cunningham Perry
Erin Olivia Slichter
The Jack Boyd English Prize, established in 1906 in memory of John Franklin Boyd, Jr., who died at Thacher in 1902, goes, by vote of the Department, to the twelfth grader who has done the best work in English this year: Edel Dupré Galgon

Nash Robbins Short Story Prize is given in the name of John Nash Robbins, CdeP 1981, for excellence in writing. It is presented to the author of the best short story. By vote of the Department, the winner of the Nash Robbins Short Story Prize is: Lingyu “Mary” Yan for Down, Down by the Lake.

The William Bishop Nixon Poetry Prize was first given in 1945 by William Nixon in memory of Jack Boyd. The prize is awarded for the best poem written at any time during the year. By vote of the Department, the winner of the William Bishop Nixon Poetry Prize is: Griffin Daniel Somaratne for his poem, i watched.

Justin Wei*
William Schaw Harding
William Russell Keeling
Sarah Liu
Alice Palmer Robertson
Jina Zhao
George Cleveland Lawrence*
Julien Andrew Luebbers
Eric Mao
Abigail Miao Romo
James McGrew Twichell
Yao Yin
Jeffrey Ding*
Olivia Phoebe Driscoll
Suzanna Juliet Gulick-Stutz
Joseph Bennett Hardwicke
Ethan Rimes Kallett
Yousef Lawrence
Griffin Daniel Somaratne

Natasha Lauryn Brown
Mikayla Breanne Carrier
Edel Dupré Galgon
Anthony Aristides Nikitopoulos
Natalie Osuna
Maya Marina Wilcox

The Morgan Ward Prize, established in 1964 by Dr. Marshall Hall Jr, in honor of a former colleague and friend, Dr. Morgan Ward, goes, by vote of the Department, to the senior who has done the best work in mathematics: Liam Reed Kirkpatrick.

Level II: Janghee “John” Han
Level III: Griffin Daniel Somaratne

Level I: James Mugo Langan
Level II: William Russell Keeling
Level III: Lingyu “Mary” Yan

Level I: Winslow Avery Atkeson
Level II: Yao Yin
Level III: Yousef Lawrence

Level I: Riley Benson Carney, John Walker O’Neill, & Jina Zhao
Level II: Anyu “Phoebe” Cao, Charlotte Ruby Kelliher, Malena Wren Quistgard Solin, Justin Wei
Levels III and III Honors: John Carmichael Geyer, Lily Winfield Harding, Alexis Anne Silverman, Mary Ophelia Walton
Advanced Spanish: Cara Marie Dienst, Ethan Rimes Kallett, Ricardo Lopez

By vote of the Department, the students who have done the best work in Language this year are: Paiton Toshiko Kanda Gleeson (Latin and French), William Schaw Harding and Abigail Phoebe Romo (Spanish), Shinnosuke Taniya (Mandarin).

The Foreign Language Award, by vote of the Department, goes to the senior or seniors who have demonstrated excellence in and a passion for language acquisition: Steven Malcolm Jump III.

Jina Zhao*
Winslow Avery Atkeson
Barkley Claire Bennett
William Schaw Harding
William Russell Keeling
Luca Isabella Pieretti
Ian Lin Zhang

Julien Andrew Luebbers*
Preston Rhoa Brailer
Isabel Ana Hosafros
George Cleveland Lawrence
Abigail Miao Romo
Andrea Ines Viera
Yao Yin

Paiton Toshiko Kanda Gleeson (AP Biology)
Suzanna Juliet Gulick-Stutz (AP Physics)
Joseph Bennett Hardwicke (AP Biology)
Ruoyi Zoe Huang (AP Environmental Science)
Ethan Rimes Kallett (AP Environmental Science)
Ricardo Lopez (Biology)
Kelly Seohee Oh (Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics)

Jasmin Aboitiz Arculli (AP Psychology, Biology)
Edel Dupré Galgon (AP Environmental Science)
Amanda Itzel Ibañez (AP Psychology)
Liam Reed Kirkpatrick (AP Biology, Astronomy)
Luke Wilson McKenna Leasure (AP Physics)
Serafina Maria Louisa Nieves (AP Environmental Science)
Maya Marina Wilcox (AP Biology, AP Physics)

The Biology Award: Edison Gregory Chadwick
The Chemistry Award: Griffin Daniel Somaratne
The Environmental Science Award: Steven Malcolm Jump III
The Physics Award: Jeffrey Ding      

Daisy Jaye Lawrence*
William Schaw Harding
Charlotte Ruby Kelliher
John Walker O’Neill
Marguerite Zion Sonenshine
Ian Lin Zhang
George Cleveland Lawrence (Asian History)*
Julien Andrew Luebbers (Middle Eastern History)*
Grace Jinning Zhang (African History)*
Lindsey White Greenhill
Charlie Max Kleeger
Colin Poole Kirkpatrick
Yao Yin

Ricardo Lopez*
Shan Nicole Bassolino
Suzanna Juliet Gulick-Stutz
Joseph Bennett Hardwicke
Ruoyi “Zoe” Huang
Ethan Rimes Kallett
Kathleen Joyce O’Neill
Edel Dupré Galgon*
Luke Wilson McKenna Leasure*
Isabel Ann Harding Ouweleen
Samuel Weston Blanchard Richardson
Clare Brigitte Best Rogowski
Erin Olivia Slichter
The David B. Johnston History Prize, named for a beloved history teacher and
department chair, known fondly as Dr. J during his 29-year tenure at the School, recognizes the student who has consistently demonstrated all-around scholarship
in and deep passion for the discipline of history. The inaugural recipient is: Cara Marie Dienst.

Riley Benson Carney (Drama)
Carina Wing Fung (Music) 
John Carmichael Geyer (Music)
William Schaw Harding (Drama) 
Vincent Ireri Langan (Drama) 
John Walker O’Neill (Drama) 
Anna Elizabeth Pata (Visual Arts)
Alice Palmer Robertson (Visual Arts)
Marguerite Zion Sonenshine (Drama) 
Matthew Anson Thacher (Visual Arts)
Justin Wei (Music)
Kevin Isaiah Williams (Drama)
Jina Zhao (Visual Arts)
James Peter Costigan (Music)
Eli Adam Graff (Photography)
Klara Morrissen Jacobs (Music)
Fiona Carter McLaughlin (Visual Art) 
Dylan Andrew Noell (Music)
Margaret Chamberlain Phipps (Visual Art)
Martin Wesley Porter (Music)
Alice Bi Er Tang (Visual Art)
Alejandro Jonathan Wilcox (Music)
Jeffrey Ding (Music)
Paiton Toshiko Kanda Gleeson (Music) 
Elizabeth Frances Hatton (Music) 
Ethan Rimes Kallet (Music) 
Adam Lirio Marcelo (Music) 
Michael Noel Ratsimbazafy (Music)

Fiona Siobhan Bean (Music) 
Natasha Lauryn Brown (Music)
Andrew Boston Phillip Eaton (Jazz Ensemble)
Sophia Fung (Music)
Brendan Thomas Glenn (AP Art History) 
Serafina Maria Louisa Nieves (Music)
Isabel Ann Harding Ouweleen (Chamber Ensemble)
Ava Rae Penner (Music)
Erin Olivia Slichter (AP Art History)
The Harry Llewellyn Bixby Dramatic Cup, first given in 1919 and awarded to students in recognition of their contribution to the Thacher Drama Program: Isabel Ann Harding Ouweleen and Ava Rae Penner.

The Darrah Corbet, Jr Studio Prize, first given in 1941 in memory of Darrah Corbett, Jr, CdeP 1936: Maximilian Tyler Damon.

The Rhode Island School of Design Art Award, given to the student who has demonstrated uncommon dedication, commitment and achievement in the Visual Arts: Natalie Osuna .

The Marcus Hele Dall Award, given to the student who has done the best work in photography: Colin Poole Kirkpatrick.

The Agnes M. Lord Music Award, first given in 1922 to honor Mrs. Walter St. Clair Lord, who taught music at Thacher from 1898 to 1925: Anthony Aristides Nikitopoulos.

The Class of 2000 Dance Award
, established in recognition of the dedication, leadership and accomplishments of the dancers of the Class of 2000, goes to the senior who most embodies those qualities: Sophia Fung.

The Art History Prize: the senior who has done the best work in AP Art History this year is: Edel Dupré Galgon.

The Wood Design Prize: the student who has done exemplary work in Wood Design this year is: Yao Yin.

The Ceramic Arts Award: given to the student who has demonstrated uncommon dedication, commitment, and achievement in the ceramics studio. In its inaugural year the recipient of the award is: Finnegan Peter Keilty.
The Palmer Prize for Debating, first awarded in 1937 and given by the father of Lowell M. Palmer II CdeP 1938: Edel Dupré Galgon.

The William Bennett Munro Prize, first awarded in 1934 by Mr. Munro, who for many years was head of the Humanities Department at the California Institute of Technology, goes to that student who, in the opinion of the Faculty and Student Judges, has delivered the most eloquent, thoughtful and carefully prepared speech in the School-wide competition: Ogechukwu Defne Egbo.

The Kumana Prize is awarded for innovative research and solutions in meeting the challenges of global sustainability: Penelope Alice Brittingham, Emma Rose Freedman,
Liam Reed Kirkpatrick, and Peter Flynn Schmidt.
A Better Chance Award for Excellence is given annually to select scholars for academic distinction, contributions to school community, and who demonstrate an ability to achieve in a manner that is representative of the goals of A Better Chance and its member schools: Faith Nicole Earley.

The Moffitt Saddle
, given by Liz Moffitt Herr in memory of the long-term relationship between Thacher and her father, Herbert C. Moffitt MD CdeP 1933, awarded each year to that junior whose energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the Horse Program reflects that of Doctor Moffitt: Sarah Ann Finch.

The George Beckwith Gymkhana Trophy
, presented to the captains of the winning gymkhana team: Sarah Ann Finch, Elizabeth Frances Hatton, Steven Malcolm Jump III, Rose Ellen O’Neal.

The Bissell Gymkhana Trophy, presented each year to the high-point man or woman: Steven Malcolm Jump III.

The Charles Pratt Trapshoot Plate, awarded to that student with the highest score: Brooks Thomas Walker (23/25).

The Hollister Wheaton Trapshoot Award goes to the parent and student with the highest score: William Hudson and son, Thomas Baskerville Lewis Hudson (17/25).

The Best Camper Award goes to the student who, in the opinion of the Camping Committee, has done the most camping and helped significantly with the running of the camping program: Liam Reed Kirkpatrick.

The Edward R. Spaulding Tennis Cup, presented to The Thacher School by E.R. Spaulding of Santa Barbara and first awarded in 1903, this award goes each year to the male and female School Tennis Champion: Sydney de Polo and Joe Hardwicke.

The Condor Trophy is awarded to that girls' and/or boys' varsity athletic team or teams who, in the opinion of the Athletic Council, have through their work rate, dedication, attitude, and record of achievement in league and post-season competition, truly distinguished themselves. Awarded to the Boys' Varsity Cross Country Team and the Girls' Varsity Tennis Team.

The Marvin Shagam Award goes annually to that student who has made a difference in The Thacher Community through force of character, goodness, courage, vision, and love for all God’s creation, rather than for leadership in academics and athletics. This year’s recipient: Lingyu “Mary” Yan.

The Cum Laude Society
Founded in 1906, Cum Laude is modeled on Phi Beta Kappa, the 232-year old honor society. Election to Cum Laude commends those students who have met the highest criteria of academic achievement and integrity throughout every semester of their time at Thacher. No more than 20 percent of the senior class may be elected; half that may be voted in as juniors. Additionally, to be chosen, a student must also hold dear the qualities of “Excellence, Justice and Honor” named in the Society’s motto: Areté, Diké, Timé.

Members of the Class of 2017, elected in their junior year:
Emma Rose Freedman
Edel Dupre Galgon
Liam Reed Kirkpatrick
Jordan Cunningham Perry
Clare Brigitte Best Rogowski
Erin Olivia Slichter

Members of the Class of 2017, elected in their senior year:
Penelope Alice Brittingham
Cara Marie Dienst
Elizabeth Holekamp Kern
Taylor Holston Gaines
Amanda Itzel Ibañez
Steven Malcolm Jump III
Maya Marina Wilcox
Members of the Class of 2018, elected this year:
Jeffrey Ding
Joseph Bennett Hardwicke
Suzanna Juliet Gulick-Stutz
Ricardo Lopez
Alexis Anne Silverman
Mary Ophelia Walton

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